Diversity& INCLUSION

Talent Does Not Discriminate

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion

Talent drives business, Diversity is the key

Today, our diverse teams reinforce what we’ve always known to be true: talent does not discriminate.

To work with the best talent in the industry, Lifesup is committed to challenging biases about the types of people who drive innovation and progress in technology.
We do this by actively encouraging collaborators to refer diverse candidates to us and rewarding referrals that lead to the successful hiring of women.
We’re also working to raise up the next generation of talent by supporting organizations that promote career development for women and minorities in software engineering.

“Immersed in the most transformative industry, we are invested in building a more inclusive space for all. We are passionate about talent and about building the necessary bridges to provide meaningful opportunities for everyone to achieve their true potential.”

linh le

Co-Founder, CEO

Thriving because of Differences

Building diverse teams not only creates a welcoming workplace, it drives better outcomes for our clients and collaborators. Check out just a few of the benefits.

  • Diverse Perspectives

    As a global company, Lifesup  prides itself on diverse perspectives. Teams of thinkers from multiple backgrounds create brilliant strategies and solutions, enriching projects with valuable insights.

  • Enhance Creativity

    In diverse teams, people have more opportunities to be creative. This leads to faster and more efficient solutions, and, ultimately, better productivity and results. Studies have found that diverse teams make better decisions than individuals 87% of the time.

  • Business Growth

    Diversity has continuously driven Lifesup’s growth. In fact, research by Harvard Business Review shows that companies with diverse teams are 45% more likely to report yearly growth in market share and 70% more likely to report capturing a new market.

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