LifesUp's Vision on Sustainable Development in Technology Industry

Our Vision

As a start-up with the motto: “The capacity of personnel is the capacity of the company – Top quality, continuous improvement”, our management team and staff always strive to meet if not exceed customers’ expectations by utilizing state-of-the-art technology in delivering practical, sustainable, and quality service.

As a leading company in the technology industry in Vietnam, LifesUp is convinced that the success of a business is inadequate and incomplete if merely counting on the financial numbers that appear in annual reports. Instead, the success of a business shall build on the values it ​​creates for the environment, people, and the overall well-being of society. At LifesUp, we are always committed to the community’s well-being through developing inclusive social activities and long-term community projects.


3 pillars of LifesUp's sustainable development strategy

  • The environment
    & energy preservation
  • The people (especially children)
  • Sustainable community development
Let's follow our journey to find out LifesUp’s priorities and commitments regarding sustainable development!


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