Mobile App Development Trends In 2020

Information technology is a growing field and is constantly being updated in life. It has drastically changed the way society interacts. Therefore, the development of mobile apps is very necessary to follow the technology and needs of the user. So, what is the trend of mobile app development in 2020? Join us to find out about the new mobile app design trends this year below! Nowadays, smart mobile phone has become an indispensable part of many people in everyday life. Advances in technology and user experience are driving the growth of the mobile app design market. Each new operating system update will also create new improvements in mobile app design to meet the needs of users in the technology age. The following will be new mobile app development trends that will be significantly applied in 2020.
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✓ Voice search

The interface trend is gradually becoming a trend today which is voice control. In addition to the traditional simple operation of entering characters manually to interact with the application. Then, users, today use voice to control operations on Smartphone devices. Think of this as talking to the phone to control it. Although this is not natural, users are gradually getting used to and adapting to it.
Many large companies have applied this feature to their products such as Google – voice control application in Chrome browser; Microsoft – apps for MS Office; and applications on Android and iOS phone carriers,…. This is a mobile app development trend according to the actual needs of users.

✓ Virtual assistant in phone application

Virtual assistants are increasingly popular. We are very familiar with virtual assistants such as Siri, Alexa, Cortana, Bixby, and Google Assistant … These assistants help you control the whole operating system.
At the same time, there are also many integrated applications for virtual assistants to enhance the user experience such as Facebook application with virtual assistant M. Google application with virtual assistant Duo, … and a series of integrated applications. virtual assistant. Therefore, in order to stand firm in the technology game, applications need to integrate additional assistants.

✓ Blockchain application on mobile phones

Blockchain technology develops at a very rapid rate. Already many companies incorporate this new technology into mobile applications. Blockchain created DApps – today’s decentralized apps.

Blockchain is decentralized because data will be packed into blocks and chained together when multiple connected devices store this same copy of data. Hence, we have a P2P peer-to-peer network formed. This helps companies control financial risks. And help protect user data.
Many companies are now starting to provide technical services for smart contract features in the real estate industry, or in the financial industry. And some have applied blockchain to mobile apps to secure features in the chain management system. Blockchain offers great features. It is attracting developers to use the technology in the near future.

✓ Mobile Cloud Computing Application – Mobile Cloud Computing

With mobile cloud computing applications MCC helps mobile applications become rich and users can experience seamlessly across multiple devices. This is very beneficial for companies to serve users on mobile devices. For example, healthcare mobile applications of healthcare services that need to process information to provide remote diagnostics are indispensable for integrating a mobile cloud solution.

✓ Technology trends changed by AI (Artificial Intelligence)

AI technology is the main driver of digital transformation. This technology is programmed by humans with the aim of helping intelligent technology devices to automate intelligent behaviors like humans. It will radically change the way we interact with mobile apps.
Artificial Intelligence – AI in addition to making the application more intuitive. They also help bring a better user experience. Because all the user’s information is passed through algorithms. From there, it is possible to create suggestions tailored to the user’s interests and location. It helps people to easily collect information, make appointments, and arrange schedules. And help us to optimize productivity better.
AI has been featured in many technological advances including machine learning, language processing, and automation. And it is becoming a mobile app development trend in 2019. With rapid and continuous development, AI technology has been combined with many mobile applications and has created notable successes such as identity Alexa faces of Amazon and Apple.

✓ Chatbot application

Consumers want to interact with shopping or use services via messaging applications rather than by call or face-to-face, this figure is up to 52%. So chatbot service was born to help satisfy users’ requests.
Also combined with the help of AI to automatically reply even when there is no request. Thanks to that chatbot will help 24/7 customer care service in business will have a big change.
Chatbot will be an indispensable solution for customer care services in e-commerce applications. Some applications have used chatbots as an effective communication tool with users such as Slack, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, WeChat …

✓ Trend of Mobile Payment – E-wallet – Mobile payment

The mobile payment feature will be applied more widely on mobile apps. Because it is convenient and fast, it can replace the use of cash for daily payments. This helps to satisfy the majority of the needs of modern buyers. Now the number of people buying online is increasing rapidly.
From e-commerce apps, hotel booking services, and travel. The on-demand applications developed today are all dependent in part on mobile payment transactions. The combination of this mobile payment feature will bring more convenience and attract more users to mobile apps.

✓ On-demand apps

Currently, most of the users around the world are familiar with On-demand apps. Typical examples are ride-hailing services Grab and Uber. In addition, On-demand apps are also taking over other types of services such as cleaning, laundry, delivery, shopping, and appointment booking, … Users always like convenience and quick ease. So this will be the trend of mobile app development in the future.


In addition to these trends, there are also many other potential mobile app development trends in 2019. However, in the framework of an article, we cannot fully present. So ADC Vietnam will write in the next articles!



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