Environment and Energy Preservation

Minimizing the impact on utilization of natural resources, renewing/recycling computing equipment, contributing to the conservation and regeneration of resources for future generations.

The global commitment to Sustainable Development offers a profound opportunity to address structural social and economic changes. Without environmental sustainability, economic stability and social cohesion cannot be achieved, especially during a time when the world is accelerating its recovery after the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and the worsening climate change crisis. Therefore, LifesUp has taken specific actions in line with a technology company culture to contribute to the most effective environmental and energy protection as follows:


Living sustainably often starts in simple steps, and it doesn’t get much simpler than turning off the computer at the end of the day. Leaving computers on overnight wastes energy and money, and causes lifespan-reducing wear and tear. Therefore, at the end of the day, as some computers may be updating or backing up, LU-ers always check to make sure computers are properly turned off using a power-off sequence instead of just using the power button, to minimize the possibility of faulty power-off.

LU-ers always install an energy-saving mode for electronic devices such as computers, phones, etc., which reduces the power consumption of the device. These settings will usually include reducing the screen brightness, automatically turning off the screen when the computer is idle for a certain amount of time, and turning off programs running in the background that consume a lot of power (some apps are set by default to sync or refresh continuously, even when the app is closed). 


Recycling is considered environmentally friendly because it prevents hazardous waste (electronic waste, discarded computer equipment including monitors, printers, hard drives, and motherboards, etc., devices including heavy metals and carcinogens) from entering the air and landfill. As such, recycling and refurbishing computer equipment is an important part of our sustainable waste strategy.


LifesUp always tries to reduce household waste and hazardous waste, increase recycling and reuse of waste with garbage sorting bins, or exchange plastic for trees. Especially in October with the mission of “Green footprint – clean environment”, we will organize garbage collection sessions at public places around Hanoi such as parks, Red River rock fields, etc.


Continuing to promote the Vietnamese tradition of “Good leaves protect torn leaves”, LifesUp always considers this as a general orientation for its community support activities, especially towards children, the specific audience that LifesUp is particularly interested in and focusing on. Community support activities launched and organized by LifesUp’s management team will surely receive the enthusiastic response of all employees.


Sustainable Development Activities

  • Garbage Collection at Red River rock fields

    In October 2022, LifesUp’s first community project took place at the Red River rock fields in Hanoi. Our LU-ers spent the whole afternoon collecting trash, sorting them into appropriate garbage bins, and facilitating the recycling process. It was a tiring but meaningful activity, as we devoted our time to cleaning up the local area and also learned to appreciate the importance of keeping the environment free of litter.