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About the customers

Industry: telecomunication

Viettel is a large corporation in the country in many fields, so keeping up with advanced technology in the world is an indispensable thing for them.
And with the current development of smartphones, Viettel soon launched myViettel application with extremely modern features and ability to meet all the needs of customers.
Since there are a sheer number of users, the application needs to be upgraded continuously to be more and more modern and intelligent.

Key challanges

With the current development of AI and Machine Learning, Viettel has realized the value of data, data storage and data labelling which can help them thrive in the future.

Letting a system handle, label and store large amounts of data for long periods of time without affecting the speed of the system is of utmost importance in AI Labeling application development.

Our solutions

LifesUp has successfully convinced Viettel by our capacity and experience in the field of big data processing, so we were selected to be AI Labeling development partner. The scope of functions of the application is extremely large and complex, requiring many experts in the field of AI and Machine Learning to participate.

To ensure the smooth running of the application, LifesUp needs to ensure:

  • Creating a service to be able to upload data and export data
  • Storing big data for many different types of data
  • Creating a service system to be able to store large amounts of data
  • Creating configuration files for different environments
  • Managing the speed of the application when many people use it continuously
  • Delivering and completing a perfect validation flow
  • Managing and handling system errors perfectly

Since big data is the most important part of the application, the project team needs to ensure the fastest storage and export of big data. The big data is stored without being lost but big data does not make the system slow or hang. AI Labelling can store and handle various data formats such as image, audio, video. 

Tools & technology

Business Benefits

LifesUp has succeeded in developing Ai Labeling application for Viettel, helping them develop and lead the way in AI technology, Machine Learning. LifesUp still support management, upgrading and maintenance for this application.