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Many Projects of Viettel Group

Viettel is Vietnam’s largest mobile network operator and one of the fastest growing telecommunications companies in the world. It is one of the top 15 global telecommunication companies of the number of subscribers.

A number of outstanding projects that LIFESUP has successfully implemented for this special client, specifically:

BCCS Internal Management Project: A web application that helps managers allocate and manage personnel over the company. Beside, this application is effective for searching mobile subscribers’ information, sales consultancy, handling business complaints , cash flow adjustment and message configuration processing.

Records Management Project: It is a software system that helps companies manage records, customer contracts, evaluate records and allow statistics, monthly, quarterly and annual reports.

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Vietland Housing Map

Housing and landing companies need to manage their resources all over country or global. Customer can seek houses, lands according to many filters on a better way or efficient way. Housing map solved all problems.

All houses/lands apear on map according to customers’ current location. They can search with filters like: Prices, area, type of house and so on.

Link: mapbatdongsan.vn

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TagOn is a fashion social community running on web and Mobile platform, which is expected will bring the new professional fashion community around the world, that provide applications for supporting the purchase and design in fashion industry. Beside, TagOn also helps users to build personal wardrobe by interacting directly with all the fashion websites around the world.

Link: app.tagon.vn

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Auto Training & H2472 System

Auto Training: As a software system, it helps businesses save time and costs of training faculty by traditional ways. Instead, the automated system can guide teachers according to the curriculum has been updated.

H2472 System: LIFESUP built H2472 system helping admin to easily control, manage courses, human resources in online education system.


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