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About the customers

Industry: telecomunication

Viettel is a large corporation nationwide in many fields. Its main industries include: telecommunications and IT services; electronics and telecommunications manufacturing, defense industry, cybersecurity industry and digital service industry. Therefore, keeping up with and applying the world’s advanced technologies to smart services is indispensable to them.

Key challanges

  • Most telecommunication core networks have not been virtualized (to the cloud).
  • Deployment of systems takes time, possibly up to several months.
  • There is no centralized monitoring system for both hardware and service.
  • There is no platform to support automatic error correction and automatic scaling during high load.

Our solutions

  • Provide a unified platform for all telecom applications to define the deployment plan.
  • Automatically deploy the system to the Cloud Data Center in accordance with the requirements of resources.
  • Automatically configure the network and service
  • Monitor the entire resource infrastructure (physical & virtualized) to provide alert
  • Automatically perform auto-healing services when the service fails
  • Automatically transfer the service to another server or data center if the server or data center has a warning message
  • Periodically scale the system or perform an in/out auto-scale based on service performance thresholds.
  • Supports Network Slicing & E2E solutions for 5G services

Tools & technology