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LifesUp’s IIoT Analytics services help enhance manufacturing and industrial processes, which is a main component of Industry 4.0. We have deployed IIoT services across domains like manufacturing, consumer wearables, smart homes, smart electronics, automotive, telematics, weather forecasting etc.

IoT Analytics Service Offerings

  • IoT Data Ingestion into a platform (Data Warehouse or Data Lake depending on data volume)
  • Data Streaming & Refresh – Real-time or Near Real-time
  • Data Processing – Loading, Cleansing, Transformation & Aggregation
  • Build Analytical Models based on Machine Learning
  • Create Visualization & Consumption Layers – Reports/Dashboards & Applications/Portals

IoT Analytics Service Offerings

  • Customer experience optimization

    Predictive care, Safety analytics, queue minimization and more
  • People process optimization

    Predictive care, Safety analytics, queue minimization and more
  • Product performance optimization

    Traffic management, Predictive maintenance, Smart grid analytics and more
  • Operational efficiency

    Energy utilization analytics, Infrastructure optimization, fuel consumption analytics and more
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IoT Analytics Use Cases

Taxi fleet matching demand & supply

For a large SE Asian Taxi player, with a fleet size of about 23,000 spread over 61 depots, we leveraged Geospatial analytics using the Haversine formula to calculate distance between two points and divide the city into grids thereby increasing occupancy rates.

Detecting faulty windmills

Helped an Energy Consulting Company detect faulty wind turbines using the wind turbine sensor data transmitted with the help of Survival analysis and classification techniques like kNN, Neural Networks.

Predictive maintenance in the semi-conductor industry

Helped measure the efficiency of the wafer production for a semi-conductor manufacturer using algorithms such as Mahalanobis, Hotelings T2, tSNE.

Telematics solution in a connected car

Developed analytics to help car owners optimize their trips based on previous trips across multiple drivers, monitor driving behavior of their kid/ driver and their vehicle’s health.

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