Incubation of tourism startup VTS 2018
co-operate / 02/10/2018

On July 27, 2018, the program of launching tourism business VTS 2018 was opened in Hanoi, a program organized by Songhan Incubator.

Honor to be one of the two main partners for the program, LIFESUP is honored to be associated with SHi as a technology partner.


The opening ceremony has attracted the attention of the major newspapers: Hanoi TV, Nhan Dan TV, VTC 10 and Vietnam Times. Participants of the program also had more than 30 invited guests to spread the fire, expand the vision and also excitedly talk about the topic of tourism startup. Young people do not hesitate to raise issues, ask questions about the difficulties as well as the pressure when starting a business.


After a selection period with more than 30 ideas / projects registered to participate in the program, the organizers selected two best projects in the North and began to be officially incubated:
1. Project “Reservation Network and Travel Consultant homestay – MEGATRIP.VN”
2. Project “COMPANION – Companion”

The show was a great success, promising even more success of the program as well as the cooperation of LIFEUP and SHi.