Estimating the Web App Development Cost: How To Set the Budget Rightly?

How much does it cost to make an app is one of the most often asked questions of businesses? If this is your first question while planning to create an app in 2022, then the blog guide is here to help you. Have you got an innovative web app development idea, but wondering how much […]
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How much does it cost to make an app is one of the most often asked questions of businesses? If this is your first question while planning to create an app in 2022, then the blog guide is here to help you.

Have you got an innovative web app development idea, but wondering how much it will cost you? Well, once you land in the overcrowded app development market, you will quickly get into the dilemma of what exactly the app will cost you and how long it takes. In the race of proving themselves winners among one another, marketers provide the lowest development estimations of $10,000 to $15,000 building a web app.

Indeed these estimations are tempting to believe, but before you put your trust in these estimations, have a thought on these two questions:

  • What exactly makes these figures?
  • How have they estimated the web app development cost without knowing your business requirement?

Even the industry’s best app developers fail to answer this question without knowing the expectations and goals of your business. So before you immediately get started with the project, clear your doubts about the cost of web app development.

To help you gather all such information in one place, here we have prepared a complete guide to developing an app and its cost estimation. By the end of this blog, you will get to know all the major factors that affect the web app development cost and understand the cost estimation process.

Key Highlights of the Blog

  • Why Should Businesses Invest in Web App Development?
  • What Type of Web App They Can Consider Developing in 2022?
  • Popular Business App Ideas for Startups
  • How Much Does It Cost To Build a Web App in 2022?
  • What Factors Affecting the Web App Development Cost?
  • Conclusion

Let’s dig deep into each point for a better understanding …

Why should businesses invest in web app development?

Wondering why the demand for business applications is rapidly increasing at the next level? Well, the matter of fact is, that consumer behavior is constantly evolving, therefore, businesses need to adopt a strategy that enables them to meet their expectations.

In this fastly moving world, companies are moving rapidly towards making a move to create a web app that seamlessly accesses multiple platforms. If you are still managing your business with a traditional business model then you’re already behind the market competition. On one side where applications are boldly paving their way in various business verticals, on the other hand, having a digital presence will ensure you foster the customer relationship and enhance the ROI.

If you are still doubting our statements, then here are some statistics that enable you to understand why it is important to invest in web apps…

  • According to the survey report, the demand for custom app development continues to increase by 32% every year.
  • As per the reports, 62% of businesses already have an app or are in the process of building one.
  • According to the experts, 20% of businesses are using apps for branding whereas 30% of them are using them to generate revenue and 50% of businesses are using them for providing support and engagement.

Considering these facts, companies of various sizes are mature, investing in web and mobile apps to generate revenue, improve customer services, enhance sales, and add an extra edge of competitiveness to their business.

Hopefully, these statistics are encouraging enough to invest in web app development solutions to take your business to the next level. But before you proceed to hire a web app developer, your primary concerns must revolve around which web app facilitates the business improvement and how it will provide the return on the investment.

What type of web app they can consider developing in 2022?

While there are millions of applications available on the app store, choosing the best app development idea that can assure your business success can be a challenging task. So before you drill straight into the factors affecting the app development cost, let’s have a look at the types of applications that you can build in 2022…

Different Types of Web Applications You Can Build in 2022

  • Multi-Page Apps (MPA)

This type of web app means, having a web app that contains multiple pages and offers different features of an MPA on different pages. This means when a user clicks on a button or link, a request is initiated to load a new page. Multi-page applications are crafted in a way that suits the modern needs of the marketplaces, elearning sites and other platforms. So no matter which industry domain you are planning to enter, MPA is the default choice if you want to build a web app.

  • Single Page Applications (SPA)

In recent times, SPAs are catching the hype in the business world. Since a single page application is quick to navigate, all the functionalities are easily accessible from one page. Clicking a button doesn’t have to refresh the page and works flawlessly even on the stored cache or in offline mode. As SPAs are quick to load and ensure an excellent user experience, therefore, helping businesses to drive heavy traffic to the website.

  • Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

Don’t get confused between the terms progressive web apps and web apps, both the terms are used simultaneously. But unfortunately, they are not the same. All the PAWs can be recalled as web applications but all web apps are not PWAs. Progressive web apps include the characteristics of both web and native apps. PWAs work as web apps but also boast the features of native apps such as offline accessibility, access to device hardware and push notifications.

As you noticed that different types of web apps offer different features and suit different goals, therefore, before you proceed, it is worth hiring a web app development company that suggests you an appropriate web app development option. Now the question is, what type of application do you need to develop for your business.

To get started with an app you need to have a brilliant app idea that will ensure your business success. Conducting the market research and considering the web app development trends, we have listed below some of the brilliant app development ideas for the different industries.

App Development Ideas For the Various Industries

Ecommerce App Development Industries (Estimated cost is ranging from $20,000 to $25,000)

  • Developing a Marketplace For
  • Developing a Multi-Purpose Marketplace app
  • On-demand furniture buying app

Food and Restaurant Industry (Average Development Cost to Create an App Is Ranging From USD 20,000 To 35,000+)

  • On-demand Food Delivery App
  • Food Recipe App
  • On-Demand Home Made Food Delivery App
  • Bar Management App
  • Sheesha Booking App
  • Longue Reservation App
  • Restaurant Table Booking App
  • Nearby Restaurant Finder App

Supermarket or Grocery Stores (Development Cost Ranging From USD 20,000 to 35,000)

  • On-demand grocery delivery app
  • Raw mutton and chicken delivery app
  • On-demand Fruits or Vegetables Delivery App
  • An App To Delivery Frozen Seafood

Beauty and Salon Industry (An Average Cost To Build an On-Demand Beauty and Salon App is Ranging Between USD 20,000 to USD 35,000)

  • On-Demand Salon Management App
  • An App To Sell Beauty Products and Services
  • Salon Booking App
  • An App To Appoint Salon Professionals
  • An App To Delivery Premium Range of Salon Products

Fitness and Healthcare Industry (Average Cost To Create On-Demand Fitness and Healthcare App Can Range from USD 20,000 to 35,000)

  • On-demand Tele Consultation App
  • On-demand Medicine delivery app
  • An app for emergency medical assistance
  • On-Demand Clinic or Hospital management app
  • An App for Healthcare booking
  • On-Demand marijuana delivery app
  • On-Demand Fitness App
  • Yoga and Meditation App
  • An App for Online Fitness Training

Travel and Tourism Industry (Estimates Costs ranging from $ 20,000 to $30,000 for a single platform)

  • On-demand hotel booking app
  • Travel ticket booking app
  • On-Demand B&B Booking App
  • On-Demand Travel Ticket and Tour Booking App
  • Travel Price comparing and booking App
  • Virtual travel booking app
  • VR Based Traveling App
  • On-Demand Car rental Booking App
  • On-Demand Bike Rental Booking App

Repair and Maintenance Apps ($17,000 to 30,000 USD for a Single Platform and may take 5 to 9 months in development)

  • A Web App to Manage Electrician Booking
  • On-Demand Housekeeping Web App
  • On-Demand Car Service and Cleaning app
  • On-Demand Car Repair web app
  • On-Demand Bike Repair and Service App
  • On-Demand Plumber Booking App
  • On-Demand Pathway Repair and Servicing App
  • On-Demand Deck repairing App

Miscellaneous Applications for Multiple Industries (Cost Ranging From $20,000 to 35,000)

  • Employee Time and Attendance Tracking app
  • Employee performance monitoring app
  • An App To Manage Workforce and business operations
  • On-Demand Petcare and consulting App
  • On-Demand Pet Sitter App
  • An App to Find Babysitters near you
  • On-demand Domestic Service web App
  • An App to Deliver Pet essentials and food
  • On-demand Parcel pickup and delivery App
  • An Inventory Management and monitoring app
  • On-demand Logistics and shipping app
  • On-Demand Truck Tow service app
  • On-demand fuel delivery app

Hopefully, these app ideas are enough for the startups to get started with a web app. But many of you are curiously looking for the cost estimations and the factors affecting the app development cost.

Let’s get deep to understand this point in better ways…

How much does it cost to build a web app in 2022?

It is always challenging to answer the question that how much does it cost to build a web app in 2022? Even the most experienced app development company fails to provide an estimation without knowing the nature of your app. In fact, businesses have different requirements, therefore different apps are developed for different purposes. Hence, it is hard to provide a precise estimate of the cost without knowing the actual requirements of the business.

The app development cost is majorly dependent upon various factors including features, complexity, UI/UX design, app testing and more.

In fact, estimating the app development is like buying a car. Like it has various car models, colour options, designs and more to evaluate, web app development also involves various factors while estimating the app.

Below is the breakdown of different factors and considerations that you can ignore to evaluate when estimating the app development cost.

  • Understanding the App Types

There are many apps like Amazon, eBay, Talabat, Doordash, Netflix, Instagram and more in different domains that encourage startups with their success stories. But before you get excited and take a step ahead directly into the app development process, you need to evaluate whether it fits your budget and business needs?

These are the industry giants that won’t happen overnight. If you are choosing to build such huge apps, then make sure you have enough time and budget to invest.

But before you pour your hard efforts into replicating the same app, it is worth identifying the scope of the app. Take the time to evaluate your business needs and understand what type of app you will be required for your business. Some of the popular app types include e-commerce apps, social networking apps, on-demand apps, data-driven apps, and even functionality apps. Each app type includes a different set of features. So to avoid any confusion, it is worth including market research and determining the type of app you will be required for your business.

  • Choice of operating Platform

Where you are planning to market your app is also affecting the app development budget. On the broadside, there are two options: either create a Native app or choose a hybrid app development. Wondering how it is affecting the app development cost? Before you get straight into the process of hiring a mobile app development company, you need to get into the details to understand how it is impacting the overall budget.

Let’s dig deep in…

You can choose to create a native mobile app when you are planning to create a platform-specific app for Android and iOS.

The biggest thing to consider is that the native framework uses programming languages and tools that are native to a particular platform. You need to use platform-specific tools and programming languages to make your app run on specific native platforms. To develop two native apps, you need to hire app development experts in different languages including Java, Objective-C, Kotlin, Swift and more.

Since native apps are built for a specific platform, therefore they ensure excellent programs and services within the devices and offer optimum performance. But the downside is, that if you need to create native apps for different platforms, then you need to create a platform-specific codebase. You can hire an app developer to start writing the codebase, but it will take time to create codes. The increasing number of development hours means the higher the app development budget will be.

Hybrid apps on the other hand are the economical option as they use the same codebase across the different platforms. This actually makes them compatible with several devices. With the cross-platform app development framework, you will need to build a single app that seamlessly releases on multiple platforms and is able to run on different devices using the same codebase.

Hybrid apps have also received flak performance issues, and app crashes, which is why the majority of developers recommend the native approach. But if it comes to saving on budget, then it is worth looking for a hybrid approach.

  • Location of the Developer

The cost to create a web app is majorly dependent upon the location you choose to hire an app development company. The hourly cost of the app developers is majorly dependent upon their skills, experience, knowledge and more. The average cost per hour for app development in North America can reach up to $100 to $150, whereas it can be as low as $20 to $30 in India.

Before you make any decision, keep in mind that hiring app developers at the expensive hourly cost will not give you any assurance of excellent quality whereas the lowest cost won’t mean that developers are lacking in skills. India is boasting a huge market for app developers therefore due to cut-throat competition, India is recognized as the cheapest place to hire the best app developers.

Rest the hourly cost of the app developer is also affected by the project requirements.

  • Complexity of the App

App development costs also rise with the complexity of the app. Different apps have different complexity levels and it is measured by their functionality. If you are wondering how will you determine the complexity of the app, then here we have categorized the complexity into three broad categories:

  • Basic Apps: These are the basic app structures that do not require data servers. Basic app versions are more like an MVP solution that involves basic functionalities. Prime examples of basic app types are Calendar apps, calculators, weather forecasting apps and more. The average cost to create a basic app can float around $10,000 to $12,000 per platform.
  • Medium Apps: These are the types of apps that require remote servers and require more sophisticated programming. The development costs for such apps range between $20,000 to $25,000.
  • Advanced Mobile App Version: It is an advanced version of the mobile app that boasts complex functionality. It includes the features and functionalities that fit the modern market needs.
  • App Features and Functionalities

There is no doubt in this fact that features and functionalities are the major success-driven factors of web apps. But the number of features and their complexity also impact the final app development cost. Therefore, instead of stuffing your app with an end number of features and various elements, it is worth prioritizing the unique features that add a competitive edge to your business without putting much pressure on the budget.

These are the major factors that you need to evaluate while estimating the app development cost of web apps. While these are the estimations, the final pricing of the app can go up and down depending upon the requirements of your business app. So before you make any decision, it is always recommended to book a free consultation slot with experts.


With the fact that having a digital presence of your business has become necessary, organizations from all across the world are looking for web app development solutions. But the moment you decide to create a business app, your primary concern would be how much does it cost you to build a web app in 2022? The simple way is to hire a web app development company and discuss your business requirements to get real project estimations. Leveraging the domain expertise and industry best knowledge, app developers will ensure you excellent app development solutions that add an edge to your business. All you need is to set the right budget by keeping in mind these important parameters.



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