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Retaining a team and delivering proficient software are the two big nightmares an enterprise could have. Associating with LIFESUP in one of the many methods assures the services of technical experts as and when needed with minimal financial overheads with a great amount of flexibility and hassle free operations for the enterprise.

We offer tailor made and flexible business engagement models to suit a diverse set of industries and domains.

Collaborative Services for a Global Clientele


As an offshore service provider partner, LIFESUP synergizes the requirements of enterprises across the globe, extending technically competent and experienced resources ready for the information technology services required.

With state-of-the-art infrastructure and cutting edge technology at your disposal our collaborative global service delivery brings cost-effectiveness and efficiency with precise & on-time services which stand a class apart.

The project success stands guaranteed with well-structured project plans and methodologies with efficient communication workflows clearly laid out.

The Offshore Collaboration with LIFESUP

  • A ready access to technically diverse, qualified & cost-effective teams in VietNam
  • Availability of a highly skilled experienced technology pool with “As Required” usage for increased cost effectiveness
  • Minimum investments in terms of workforce & technology
  • Easy scale up & down of resources involved in the project
  • Flexible work timings allowing overlap with global work timings
  • Assured focus on project goals & commitment to the timelines
  • Decrease in operational costs and definite quicker returns on investment (RoI)

Business Models of Association for Offshore Collaborations with LIFESUP

Fixed Fee

  • Reflects client requirements & business needs accurately
  • Chalks out clear milestones & objectives to increase speed & efficiency
  • Assures adherence to timelines & budgets
  • Payments based on milestones or partial deliverables proving to be advantageous for the client

Time & Material

  • Suits dynamic requirements & unpredictable, intricate operations
  • A very logical choice for projects with indefinable scope
  • Offers easy inclusion of new requirements into the scope
  • Implies greater flexibility & cost effectiveness as the time of the resources can be utilized for changing requirements


  • A small scope implemented by LIFESUP in a very short time to give the client a flavour of our
  • Project management practices
  • Quality & testing processes
  • Development & review methodologies
  • Infrastructure & security policies
  • Assists customers in deciding a “Go” or a “No Go” for large projects
  • Minimizes risks taken by clients


As an onshore service provider partner, LIFESUP mobilizes teams within the enterprise infrastructure with clearly divided roles for project management.

With possibilities of the teams being steered entirely by the enterprise or optionally by one of our senior resources in tandem with the enterprise with appropriate project execution methodologies chalked out; this model is advisable when the work in question requires continuous involvement and monitoring from your end.


A good mix of both offshore & onshore services, implemented typically for certain techniques posing challenges in mobilizing resources at enterprise locations because of unreasonable costs of dedicated manpower or simply unavailability of these for niche techniques.

A part of the team could be located on the enterprise site and a part at our offices. Combination in any proportion is worked out according to the practicality of the situation.


Our captive development centers are a part of the enterprise itself, functioning offshore as an independent entity. Completely under the scrutiny of the enterprise availing this service and adhering to the regulations and workflows set up mutually, our centers operate as the extension of your set up with the benefit of freeing you from the worries of infrastructure, project management, and execution headaches.