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Project Overview

Industry: Big Data

Viettel Data Lake is a system which manages big data storage to enhance the analytical capacity and multiplatform integration. The system is executed by website interface and APIs. Viettel’s leading data analysts are currently using the system and very satisfied with what is offered.

Key challanges

At the beginning of deployment, the system encountered many difficulties in handling big data and choosing technologies with criteria of easy development, handy use, flexible implementation and high efficiency.

This is a large data management system, so choosing which technologies to help the system operate stably and optimize its performance is also a very important issue.

Our solutions

However, these problems have been overcome by LifesUp’s big data processing specialists and adhered to the design principles in Data Lake:

  • Focus on optimal data logging performance when designing the data area.
  • Forcus on the ease of data mining and optimization in data recovery when designing the arranged data area.


To ensure stable operation and high security, Lifesup has implemented:

  • Centralized login
  • One separate data uploading and exporting service
  • Big data storage for diffrent type of data
  • A service system to be able to store large amount of data
  • Configuration files for various environments
  • Multilingual support

Tools & technology