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Software development outsourcing with LIFESUP

With a sharp and mindful attitude towards our customer’s business, LIFESUP is ready effectively organize your software development outsourcing and build a dedicated team of IT professionals of any size with flexible terms for offshore and custom software development projects.

We are able to implement projects on any technology stack, matching client business needs and requirements. The project scope is discussed and agreed on at the nascent stages with a clear and honest discussion of all the pros & cons.

Software Development Sevices

Mobile solutions

  • Mass-market mobile solutions & services - from mobile applications to complex VAS platforms with SMS/IM text messaging and voice communication.
  • Corporate mobility solutions with customisable business workflows, mobile device management and advanced meaningful analytical dashboards.
E-commerce, Online
infrastructures & IoT projects
  • Omni-channel platforms with high level targeting, content personalization and AI features.
  • Payment gates with wide-range payment options & PCI DSS compliant.
  • IoT projects to collect and process data from multiple hardware devices and supporting a wide range of hardware protocols.
  • Open infrastructures and API hubs with third-party developer access management procedures.
  • Complex web development projects intended to serve a large customer base with built-in SSO, monitoring and analysis solutions.
  • High-load IT infrastructures optimised for large user base and intensive usage.

Opensource projects

  • Open source projects, requiring proper source code management & documentation.
  • Blockchain development projects and smart contracts on Etherium, HyperLedger Fabric and Solidity.

Data Science: Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning projects

  • Predictive analytics systems based on machine learning & advanced Data Science technologies.
  • Chat bots featuring natural language processing (NLP), natural language understanding (NLU) and natural language generator (NLG).
  • Data collection and data storage systems with in-depth data analysis, forecasting and distribution (based on Hadoop clusters).
  • Computer vision & image recognition.

Software Development Sevices

We @LifesUp utilize over 30 various software development technologies and commit to keep up with the latest software development market trends, tools and technologies.
The diagram below indicates the number of full-time in-house professionals that we employ per technologies we cover.

Benefits of Software Outsourcing

Savings on labor costs

Savings on recruiting

Development of internal staff

Quick access to the most skillful professionals

Cooperation Models

We provide our clients with the most flexible terms and conditions, including pay per hour, pay for feature, pay per milestone.

model with fixed
price & terms

Time & material
model with
per-hour billing

Dedicated teams
with monthly FTE

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